Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog

Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog

 Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog

Anxiety attack,

also known as mental anxiety, is very much afraid and bachelor’s situation. It comes suddenly, but mostly due to the circumstances or something that is going to come, it comes due to think. If you give a little emphasis on your mind, then such a discomfort may have happened at some point in time, due to which your hands and feet may have become cold or you have become a drink. Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog Best Psychiatry in Kanpur

Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog
Anxiety Disorder -Manas ManoRog

This attack lasts only a few minutes and when you have gone through that troubling period, then all is well done. If you also encounter such an attack repeatedly, there are some ways to avoid it:

Being positive is a good way of living, but you should be prepared for the following negative situations. It does not mean that you are always surrounded by worries. Accept it as if it is the result of a wrong decision.

Eat good as the rule is, breakfast should be nutritious and heavy. Keep eating a bit in between meals. This keeps the amount of glucose in the blood stable and your mood remains good. Depression Doctor in Kanpur.

Take full sleep for at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Anxiety attacks may be due to sleep less.

Being victim of any kind of addiction (something which you can not live without), this increases the apprehension of mental anxiety. So you should reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes and nicotine.

Yoga is often necessary to exercise for those who visit these trips. Yoga is a good type of exercise. It is easy and can be practiced without any means.

The best way to stop anxiety is interest or hobby. Whether it is music, or reading or completing the books, complete it. This will save you from unnecessary worries.

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